Helping the environment

DOUGH&co Woodfired Pizza does its part in helping the environment this is how we do our part.


Our wall paneling and tables are all made from recycled pallets. These usually go to landfills without being broken up. This helps to fill the scarce space we have left in the landfills and further exacerbates the issues we face with running out of landfill room. However once taken apart and sanded these can produce beautiful furniture which has also become very fashionable in recent years!


Instead of using traditional firewood or logs such as beautiful oak, birch or ash we use reformed briquettes They do cost considerably more but they don’t emit any smoke at all, they burn for a long time consistently. They are made from recycled, compressed wood shavings, pretty amazing!


Most woodfired pizza ovens are very inefficient, they leak a lot of heat through poor insulation thus increasing the amount of wood having to be burnt and increasing overall consumption. We use only Gozney ovens, we believe these are the best of the best and the specifications do back this up. These ovens are hot days after the fire has burnt out due to their insulation and even have DEFRA certification.

Delivery boxes:

We have recently moved over to recycled cardboard boxes for our pizzas instead of the traditional counterpart, our pizzas are so grease free you can go ahead and put these in the recycling bin, which with traditional chain type pizzerias is not a possibility. We are also sourcing more environmentally friendly plastic alternatives.